Tee Sheet Management

The BRS Tee Booking System is comprised of various modules as shown. The various modules can be used to manage your tee sheet effectively and efficiently. The modular design of the system is one of its key advantages as additional modules can be bolted on as the requirements of your golf club grow.

Admin / Club Diary Module

The Administration Module makes up the core of the BRS Tee Time Manager and allows the Office Staff and Pro Staff to manage all types of bookings happening on the course.

    Key Features

  • Supports multiple users & access levels
  • Suits all clubs including members, proprietary and pay & play
  • Tee time intervals are totally customisable
  • Over 50 detailed Management Reports
  • Cloud based, login from anywhere on any device

    Key Benefits

  • Save 3-4 man days a month over a paper diary system
  • Easily track the payment status of bookings
  • Build a marketing database
  • Increase Revenue by marketing events & offers to members
  • Maximise course usage without impacting the members

Facilities Module

The Facility Booking Module allows the administration staff to manage function rooms, the restaurant and other entities within the club such as golf lessons, meetings and fixtures.

    Key Features

  • System operates in real-time so no more double bookings
  • Easily send pre-defined confirmation emails
  • Record catering associated with bookings
  • Display fixtures and events to automatically appear on club website
  • Track booking status & transaction history

    Key Benefits

  • 30% less admin time spent on bookings
  • Easy management of club rooms & facilities
  • No more double bookings
  • Multiple users can login from any location
  • Full visibility of functions in the club

Competition Purse Module

The BRS Golf Competition Purse is unlike any other system as it requires payment when a member enters the competition time sheet and not the competition start sheet. This reduces “no shows” and administration. Members simply select the competition they wish to enter and agree to pay the required fee automatically from their online account.

    Key Features

  • Charge the player making the booking or each player individually
  • Option to control credit limit
  • Full control over payment processing
  • Easy to exclude member's payment before payment transfer
  • Process Member and Member Guest competition fees
  • Configure refund rules

    Key Benefits

  • Members can top up online or at the club
  • Reduces administration and cash handling
  • Financial management reports
  • Reduces “no shows” at competitions
  • Increases revenue from competition entry fees
  • Account managed by member’s online and not the Golf Club

Printer Module

The Bag Tag label and Receipt Printer Module is an inexpensive add-on to the core BRS modules enabling full automation of the check-in process. The BRS Tee Time Manager can be enabled to print out a receipt which is applied to a green fee ticket, providing both an electronic and visual confirmation of the sale. Labels can be printed for both individuals and groups either prior to arrival, saving time in the pro shop, or as the visiting group make payment.

    Key Features

  • One click printing of greenfee tickets
  • Dymo printers are readily available off the shelf
  • Compatible with 3 standard label sizes
  • Define single player receipts and bag tag labels
  • Define group receipts and individual bag tag labels

    Key Benefits

  • Save time checking players in on arrival
  • Remove duplication of information
  • Improved security as all booking and payment information is required
  • Improve quality of database as contact information is included
  • Improved quality of service for the customer

Clubhouse PC Module

The Club House PC feature is designed specifically to allow members to make bookings at a computer in the clubhouse. It is designed to be used primarily with a touch screen computer.

    Key Features

  • Allows Members with no Internet access to book at the club
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Swipe card login available
  • Specify different competition release times
  • Integration with Handicap Master & Club Systems

    Key Benefits

  • Very simple to use & make bookings
  • Setup Multiple Clubhouse PC's
  • Integrate with sign-in & score entry
  • Live update of timesheets
  • Release competition times earlier at the clubhouse

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