Online Booking

Online booking has become an expectation of most potential golfers whether they’re booking a round of golf or a golf break. Not only does it save the golfer time, it reduces administrative overheads. Providing visibility of availablity makes a user 60% more likely to book. Allows you to receive bookings 24 hours a day, outside of normal business hours. (40% of visitor tee times booked last year were booked outside of normal office hours)

Member Booking Module

The optional BRS Golf Members Booking Module is a powerful tool that allows your members to book online through the club website for casual tee times and/or competition tee times from the comfort of their own home or office. This is a tried and tested module being used weekly by over 440,000+ members across 1100+ clubs (April 2015).

    Key Features

  • Member Casual golf booking
  • Member Competition golf booking
  • Waiting list functionality for busy competitions
  • Configured to suit your clubs requirements
  • Automatic email confirmation sent to all players
  • Complete booking history

    Key Benefits

  • Reduces phone calls by up to 80%
  • Reduce ‘no shows’ and abuse of competition timesheets
  • Members can manage their own bookings
  • Build an accurate database member contact details
  • On average 80% of members register
  • Reduce communication costs by using email or text message

Visitor Booking Module

The Visitor Booking Module is a powerful tool that allows visitors to book and pay by credit/debit card online through your club website for casual tee times and/or open competition tee times. The club remains in complete control over what times are available and at what price. To date tee times totalling over £25 Million have been booked online through BRS. Over 40% of these tee time were booked outside normal office hours. BRS firmly believe that any club that does not offer tee times for sale online is missing out on significant potential revenue and an invaluable marketing database.

    Key Features

  • Visitors can book & pay via your website
  • Open Competition booking
  • Control the price and booking availability per player
  • Offer different rates at different times
  • Control what tee times visitors can see
  • Offer 9 hole only rates
  • Instant online payments (Merchant module required)
  • Integrate with 3rd party distribution channels

    Key Benefits

  • Increased green fee revenue by providing a booking service 24/7
  • Automatically enforce club policy for visitor tee times and pricing
  • Dynamically price green fee rates
  • All visitor contact details are gathered
  • Sell green fees on days you normally wouldn't (bad weather)
  • Market to golfers who've booked previously
  • Reduce "no-shows"
  • Increase course utilization at off-peak times

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