BRS GOLF Payments Module

Collect and manage all your payments directly from BRS GOLF with our new Payments Module. Payments has been specifically designed for golf clubs to allow you to manage payments quickly and easily and link them to all types of bookings. Through Payments you can process online and over the phone transactions, as well as competition purse top-ups. Now you can even request payment via email by sending a link to your customers and allowing them to pay online at their convenience. Particularly handy for societies and large groups. No more logging into your merchant account – manage everything in one place with BRS GOLF.

Why Choose Payments over other providers?

Interchange is the charge applied by the card providers (Visa, Mastercard, etc.). We believe, our standard charge of 2.9%+£0.05 (+2% for international cards) is in line and competitive with what other providers charge and we hope the added benefits we bring outweighs any additional expense. We might appear to be more expensive from the “general advertised” prices of the providers online, but these advertised prices do not take into consideration the “interchange” fees that are applied.


  • Fully inclusive fixed fee across all Transactions (Agreed rate plus 2% surcharge for Transactions originating outside the currency/country of the Golf Club)
  • No Payout/Settlement Charges


  • Support and Maintenance (email/chat and telephone)
  • No Termination Fees (simply give us 60 days’ notice)
  • PCI Compliance (Stripe take care of this)
  • Anti-Money Laundering Checks (ID Verification Process)


  • Control payments directly from BRS GOLF, linked to each individual booking
  • Take card payments over the phone with our online virtual terminal
  • Email a link to your customer for them to pay at their own convenience
  • Improved visitor checkout experience – visitors can pay directly in BRS GOLF
  • Refund payments at the click of a button, including partial refunds
  • Keep track of all your transactions, invoices, refunds and pay-outs
  • Reliable pay-outs made to your bank account every seven (7) days
  • Pull VAT reports directly from inside the system

Sign Up at No Risk!

There is no risk involved in signing up – with our Payments Module, you can keep your existing merchant provider in place for card present payments. We only charge on a per transaction basis – so if the account doesn’t get used, there is no monthly fee!

We can have you set up and taking payments in minutes. Our customer support team only need a few things to get started:

  •   Bank Details
  •   VAT Number
  •   Scan of Your Passport

To sign up for Payments simply contact us on [email protected] or call +800 7808 8888.


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