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Competition Results

Hughes Cup     (07-Apr-2012)

1st J Cunningham 45pts

2nd J Fitzsimons 42pts

3rd T Smyth      41pts

4th G Fallon     41pts

5th G Casement   40pts

Gross G Hamill   71 (from J Feenan)

Cat 1 M Fitzsimons 38pts

Cat 2 P Deeny      40pts

Cat 3 J Dorans     40pts

CSS 70

Please remember to sign your card!
Two potential prizewinners have been disqualified in recent weeks


Out of Bounds 13th Hole
Reminder: Ball is out of bounds if it  is left of the line of white stakes OR LEVEL with the line of stakes.

There is relief from the stakes when playing Hole 14. If a stake interferes with the player's swing or stance, the ball may be dropped within one club length, not nearer the hole.

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