Case Studies

Why should your club consider BRS Golf?

Your club should choose to work with BRS Golf for the reasons listed below:

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  • Profitable Business:
    BRS Systems Ltd is a profitable company returning impressive results over the last 2 years and on track to increase revenue by 30% this year despite the recession. We strongly recommend that you review the financial accounts of any company you intend to work with.
  • No 1 Provider in the UK and Ireland:
    BRS Tee Time Manager is by some distance the best online tee time management system in the UK and Ireland. We believe we are 3 years ahead of the competition.
  • 99.5% Retention Rate of Customers:
    BRS have a 99.5% customer retention year on year. This means that 199 out of every 200 clubs decide to renew their contract with BRS each year, which is unparalleled in the golf industry.
  • Value for Money:
    BRS have priced their product at a level that clubs believe is very good value for money but at the same allows BRS to offer the level of Support and Service the clubs require. Clubs that use our product for a few months are very impressed with the ease of use, functionality and level of Support we offer and virtually none ever complain about the cost. This is why 99.5% of them renew their contract each year.
  • Tailored solution for the UK and Ireland market:
    The BRS Tee Time Management Systems has been developed and enhanced based on the requirements and feedback from our 750+ clubs in the UK and Ireland.
  • Reliability and ease of use (Quality of references):
    The BRS Golf customer base has grown largely through recommendations from existing customers. Please feel free to contact any of our clients to hear from them directly their thoughts on our solution and the positive impact it has had on their business.
  • Commitment to on-going product development:
    It is highly visible to customers that the BRS Tee Time Management Software is under constant development and improvement. We publish all our releases and the features in these releases.
  • Open Interfaces to ISVís:
    BRS has a policy of developing and supporting Open Interfaces to other providers. Open interfaces have already been developed to many ISVs including Jonas, Clubminder, Open Solutions, MH Systems, Croft, Handicap Master, Imagination and ClubView. BRS has a very good working relationship with most vendors on the market.
  • Open Interfaces to 3rd party Marketing Companies:
    BRS are the only company in the market with real-time integration with all the main 3rd party marketing channels including Golfbreaks (Teeofftimes.co.uk), Online Tee Times (Teetimes.co.uk), Reserve A Tee (ReservaTee.co.uk), GolfNow (Golf Channel) and GolfSwitch (golfswitch.com). In 2009 these companies have delivered over £500,000 worth of booking to BRS customers. BRS do not compete with these companies and our system work seamlessly together.
  • BRS does not compete with the core business of any other leading company in the golf industry:
    BRS is a business focused solely on Tee Time Booking. BRS have no intention to develop Membership, Handicapping, EPOS software and we believe this is critical in establishing relationships with existing Vendors in the Market.
  • Based locally in UK:
    BRS is based in the UK with a local representative in Scotland.
  • Statistics:
    750+ golf club customers, 320,000+ Members booking online, 9 years experience in this industry, £7.5 Million pounds taken online in 2012 through the visitor booking module, Over 15 Million bookings in the system, No loss or corruption of data since the release of the product in Jan 2003.
  • All skills in place (Sales, Training, Development, Support):
    BRS already have 18 staff dedicated to delivering leadership, sales, marketing, technical support, training, software development and accounts.
  • First class support:
    BRS have developed a 1st class reputation for Support and Service. We already have the people, systems and procedures in place to offer first class support for our product.