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07/09 2010

New golf drive is a big hit with USA

Golf clubs across North Wales are reaping the benefit from an online booking service that’s attracting players from as far afield as America. The decision by Tourism Partnership North Wales to concentrate its marketing on the internet is paying dividends.

As a result, there has been a massive increase in online bookings which have generated nearly £500,000 in green fees over the past three years. Central to the success of the campaign is the www.golf-northwales.co.uk website built and is operated by top online tee time company, BRS.

Customers can not only book online but also see images of the different golf courses as well as details about special offers and nearby accommodation.

So far, 19 clubs across the region are signed up to the scheme and more are coming on board all the time.

According to Tourism Partnership, they have also been able to tap into the surge in interest created by the Ryder Cup that’s being held at the Celtic Manor, in Newport, later this year.

After the Olympics and the football World Cup, it’s the third biggest event in the global sporting calendar.

Tourism Partnership Marketing Executive Carole Startin is delighted that the online booking service is proving such a success. She said:

“The clubs have now produced 6,687 bookings which have brought 19,426 golfers into North Wales."

“They have generated £468,351 in tee time revenue - but that figure does not take into account the money the visiting golfers also spend on things like accommodation, petrol, food and drink and other purchases."

“The majority of UK golfers coming to North Wales are from around the Midlands and North West of England."

“Our links courses are very popular with Scandinavia because they can’t play their own courses in the winter due to their cold weather, and links courses are usually open year-round."

“Encouragingly, the Ryder Cup has generated a great deal of interest from across the pond in the United States of America."

“More and more American golfers are discovering our fantastic courses. It’s a new market for us.At the same time, we’re attracting a lot of golfers from Germany, France and the Netherlands. They’re coming from right across Western Europe really."

“Our decision to concentrate our efforts online has been extremely important. With the different time zones around the world, the ability to book online 24.7 is vital."

“The system enables people to book up to six courses at a time, so you can organise a whole week of golfing in one fell swoop."

“We’re also working with our colleagues down at Visit Wales to maximise our marketing efforts in a coordinated way and get the message out there."

“In addition, we’re running a major competition this summer for one person to win a 4-ball voucher at all 30 of our top clubs."

“This ties in with the Ryder Cup Summer professional tournaments in Wales - two of which are being held at Conwy and Harlech."

“I think this is a key year for us. We have to take full advantage of the opportunities created by the Ryder Cup and maintain the momentum afterwards."

“We have some great courses here in North Wales both parkland and links courses."

“They offer great value for money – some of our tee times are the best value in Europe – so we have a really great golfing offer.”

For more information go to:

www.golf-northwales.co.uk or call 0845 450 5885.