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Bag Tag Label Printer

Bag Tag Label Printer

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The Bag Tag label and Receipt Printer Module is an inexpensive add-on to the core BRS modules enabling full automation of the check-in process and whilst portraying a totally professional image to both visitors and members. The BRS Tee Time Manager can be enabled to print out a receipt which is applied to a green fee ticket, providing both an electronic and visual confirmation of the sale. Labels can be printed for both individuals and groups either prior to arrival saving time in the pro-shop or as the visiting group make payment.


What are the Key Benefits?

  • Save time at check-in with printed or preprinted receipts or bag tags labels
  • Reduce administration costs by reducing double entry of the same information and hand writing of booking and payment information
  • Improved security as all booking and payment information must be input into the Tee Time Manager before label or receipt can be printed
  • Increase green fee revenue due to tighter financial control and ensures all green fee transactions are input into Tee Time Manager to enable production of the correct labels or receipt.
  • Improve quality of data base by ensuring all relevant contact information is input to enable correct label is printed
  • Professional Image as labels or receipts can be printed prior to arrival which are legible and provide all relevant information including reservation name, players name, tee time, date, green fee category, green fee, payment, outstanding balance, number of players and number of buggies.
  • Central booking information is available in real-time ensuring critical booking information, “no shows”, tee time availability etc. is easily accessed by all departments as it happens.
  • Minimum outlay, Dymo label printers are readily available from most stores.
  • Compatible with Eagle Promotions, printed labels can be placed in a designated section on specifically designed score cards and/or bag tags.
  • Printer compatible with a choice of 3 standard label sizes

What are the key features?

  • Very easy to use, inexpensive and robust
  • No expensive hardware required, Dyno printers are readily available off the shelf
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Configure and Print options provide very flexible printing options include bag tag and receipt
  • Label information includes reservation name, players name, booking ref number, tee time, date, green fee category, green fee as individual or group, number of buggies, player number in group ie 2 of 30
  • Compatible with standard label sizes
  • Eagle Promotion score cards are compatible with bag tags and receipt labels.
  • Define single player receipts and bag tag labels
  • Define group receipts and individual bag tag labels