Case Studies

Open Competitions: great for reducing work and generating revenue!

Why not take the stress out of running Open Competitions and at the same time generate additional revenues by encouraging your visitors to book and pay online? No more downloading or sending out forms, no more cheques, no more piles of correspondence, no more hassle! And as the BRS Golf captures all their e-mail addresses, all you have to do is e-mail them the details of the next Open!

Vale of Llangollen profits were up 10,000 in 2010

Bob Hardy the Sec/Man at Vale of Llangollen Golf Club very kindly agreed to share some of the results from running his Open Competitions online in 2010.

  • In 2010 all Open Competitions were managed completely online.
  • They took 65,000 over 21 Open Competitions. Previously the club could only manage 5 because of the time involved in manually processing entries.
  • They made 1,850 in no-show revenue because all green fees we taken online with pre-payment by credit /debit card. Many of these times are also re-sold.
  • They added 1,800 new contacts to their database. Next year another 1,800 golfers will be emailed by Bob Hardy when Open Competitions go live attracting them back to play again. Never mind all the additional tee times sold to them during the coming years.
  • They saved at least 7 Man days of work.
  • Their profits in 2010 were up 10,000 because of better attendance, better F&B spend and the extra no-show revenue.

Help is at hand

BRS Golf is now being used by over 750 golf club managers (Feb '13), many of them run their Open Competitions online with BRS Golf and now their life is much easier.