Case Studies

So what can BRS Golf do for my club?

According to the club managers that use BRS, it’s making a real difference to the bottom line. Customers rave about our support and training, and know they’re investing in the most proven and flexible of any booking system available. But with 2013 likely to be another tough year, what can the market leading online booking system do for you and your club?

Improve membership retention

Members find it much easier to check online and book tee times from their home or office, instead of having to call or drive to the club. Over 320,000 Members of BRS clubs have made over 15 million bookings since 2004, and a BRS system will soon improve the service you provide yours.

Improve your marketing: build marketing databases, recruit new members, generate revenues

By capturing the e-mail addresses of visitors, societies and companies that book at your club, the BRS system builds a marketing database of prospects that know what your club offers. Using the BRS system’s e-mail and text marketing facility, you can then send your visitor database special membership offers. This has helped BRS customers attract many new members in 2012.

Alternatively, tell them about special offers, open competitions etc. via e-mail or text to generate more revenue from your databases. While 120,000 marketing e-mails are sent via BRS systems every week, texting can be even more effective. A club recently texted a database of some 524 visitors; the text cost £42 but the club took over £530 of tee bookings that day.

Sell spare tee times without spoiling your members’ times

In a members club there is always a fine balance between maximizing the utilization of your course and offering your members the availability they expect. The BRS system allows you to analyse tee usage per hour and day, and so identify your club’s quiet times. This means you can then promote those times to visitors and societies without impinging on the members’ preferred times.

Tailoring your visitor packages

A new feature introduced to help clubs fully utilise their tee times is a menu of visitor packages that any casual visitor can go to select e.g. golf plus food, golf plus food and a buggy, and so on, thereby prompting and promoting additional sales at the point of purchase and adding value to your offer.

Handle society enquiries more professionally

Society organizers soon know when they’re being dealt with professionally – or not. The BRS booking system takes you through a series of key questions, capturing everything you need down to special notes about the day, rates, catering, services etc. With one click of the BRS system you can tell the organizer the cost, and send them a confirmation email. That’s professional and saves time.

Exploit the marketing muscle of Teeofftimes.co.uk, Online Tee Times, ReservaTee…

Over the last seven years BRS Golf has built the largest Tee Time Distribution Network in the market. Because it is fully integrated with BRS, it can be managed easily in real time, there’s no management overhead and no double bookings. This Distribution Network gives BRS customers access to over 300,000 emails being sent weekly to hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Better management control for you

With over 50 management reports the BRS system provides you with all the information you need. The financial reports help you keep control and manage your cash flow, and other reports help the internal communication between Catering, Bar and Pro Shop staff, so that everyone knows what is happening at any given time. That’s critical to running great golf days.

If you really want to see what BRS can do for your club, go to any of the clubs that have it, or get BRS in to show you and your club’s decision-makers what it can do. It will be the best investment your club can make for 2013.