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Online Members Booking for Tee Times

Members Online Booking Module

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The optional BRS Golf Members Booking Module is a powerful tool that allows your members to book online through the club website for casual tee times and/or competition tee times from the comfort of their own home or office. This is a tried and tested module being used weekly by over 320,000+ members across 750+ clubs. (Feb. 2013)

What are the key benefits?

  • Significantly reduces phone calls to club office and professional shop, reported 70-80% reduction in phone calls for Saturday competitions.
  • Reduce ‘no shows’ and abuse of competition timesheets as the system only allows a player to enter once for a competition and limits the number of other players a member can book (based on club rules). You can easily report on 'no shows' for one or multiple competitions.
  • Build an accurate database of your members email and mobile numbers when they register on the system to book for the first time (on average 80% of members register).
  • Improve communication and participation in club events by sending regular emails or text messages (SMS) to members about up-coming competitions and results, course closed, reminders for club events (e.g. quiz night), sub renewals etc.
  • Reduce communication costs with members, professional, staff, team captains, and council members via email or text message (SMS).
  • Automatically enforce club policy for casual tee times such as; number of tee times per member, how many days in advance, what bookings can members see, how many day in advance, what membership categories etc.
  • Automatically enforce club policy for competition entry. The system is flexible enough to allow clubs to continue existing processes for competition entry by defining rules such as; how many players a member can enter, when they can enter, and how late they can cancel or amend a booking and many more.
  • Better attendance in club competitions; because the system makes it easier for members to cancel bookings and for the club to track no shows it automatically results in better attendance in competitions. When you add the competition purse and waiting list into the mix attendance improves even further.
  • Members are automatically kept informed by email of changes to their tee time.
  • Save time collating reports on how often each member has played, how often seniors, ladies, full members are using the course, no-shows for competitions etc. the system does this for you.
  • Members no longer have to continually phone to see if tee times are available. Then can simply join the online waiting list. When a tee time becomes available they will be automatically booked into the free slot and will be automatically notified by email.
  • No more multiple databases of member’s data. BRS is integrated with the majority of leading membership systems in the market place including Club Systems International and HandicapMaster.
  • Eradicate queuing on the first tee, members can check availability and book before leaving their home or office.
  • and many more …

What are the key features?

  • Members can book tee times online for competitions and casual tee times from the clubs own web site.
  • The system is flexible and can be configured to suit your clubs own requirements including: the number of days in advance a member can book, the number of tee times per day, which membership categories can book, what tee times members can view, date and time competitions are released etc.
  • Supports all types of bookings including 4 ball, 2 ball, 3 ball, shotgun start etc.
  • Supports many course types including 9 hole, 18 hole, 2 Tee Start, 27 hole, 36 hole and 54 hole courses.
  • The system automatically emails all players in a four ball once a booking is confirmed or modified.
  • Bulk email or text message (SMS) all your members, a specific group of members or members of a specific membership type.
  • There is a complete history of all member bookings and changes to bookings.
  • Has a built in waiting list feature, members that don’t get on the timesheet can add themselves to the waiting list in any time range. Once a time becomes free they will be automatically added into the free spot and everyone in the tee time will be emailed with a confirmation.
  • Detailed Reports including how often every member has played the course, no-shows etc.
  • Online Competition Purse Module – Add the Online Competition Purse Module to allow pre-payment of competition fees (visit www.brsgolf.com for further information).
  • This module is integrated onto your club website as part of the package.
  • Touch screen compatible – Add on the Clubhouse PC Module and members without internet access will not be left behind. This module can be used for them to book at the club with a touch screen (visit www.brsgolf.com for further information).
  • Integration with other leading suppliers in the market including Club Systems International and HandicapMaster.
  • Create groups of members for email and text message (SMS) e.g. sends a text message to all committee members or members of a team.
  • Send a text message to members on the timesheet e.g. if the course is closed. You can even send a text message to members at the start or end of the timesheet.
  • Control what information members can see and how far in advance they can make bookings.
  • Colour code membership types on the timesheet in particular e.g. 5 day members playing at the weekend.
  • Members cannot modify or delete bookings made by other users.
  • Activate/deactivate each member and add/edit/delete member details.
  • A swipe card interface is available that works with all the membership card formats, so that members can login at the club with their membership card.
  • and Many more …

What do our Customers say?

Simon Bawden is in no doubt that thanks to the club’s decision to install the BRS Golf online booking system, Churston is a better golf club: “It’s an excellent system. It’s helped us to make one of the biggest changes in the club’s history. We’ve eliminated all the queues and waiting around for the 1st tee, and our large volume of playing members all get their games. That’s helped membership retention especially those in the younger age groups whose time is precious.” Simon Bawden, Churston Golf Club.

“Since members booking was introduced the number of phone calls to the pro-shop and admin staff from members has dropped by 80%”. Kevin Steven, General Manager, Holywood Golf Club, Holywood.

"Before the BRS system was introduced I’d be on the phone for 2-3 hours solid taking booking from members. Last Friday when the timesheet went live I took only 3 phone calls from members. The BRS system is a brilliant system". Philip Farrell, PGA Professional, Ardglass Golf Club.