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Online Club Diary Booking for Tee Times

Online Club Diary Module

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The Administration Module makes up the core of the BRS Tee Time Manager and allows the Office Staff and Pro-staff to manage all types of bookings including; Societies, Members, Visitors, Competitions, Team Matches, Members Reserved Times, Junior Events, Open Competition / Events etc.

What are the key benefits?

  • Save 3-4 man days a month over a paper diary system. The system is fast and easy to make single, group and multiple week bookings.
  • Save time writing time consuming emails and letters to societies, corporate and visitors. The system automatically generates them for you and can be sent at the click of a button.
  • Easily identify bookings that haven’t paid a deposit or have an outstanding balance and send them a reminder email.
  • Build a marketing database, each new booking is a potential new contact in your database.
  • Increase revenue by marketing your course through the bulk email and text message (SMS) tools to promote events, special offers, or to recruit new members to the club.
  • Save time updating your website with fixtures and events. The system has a calendar that is automatically generated and can be integrated into your club website.
  • Eliminate the time consuming task of manually creating reports for management meetings. Over 50 reports are pre-built into the system based on feedback from 750+ clubs and 9 years experience.
  • Maximise course usage without impacting the members. The system generates course usage graphs giving you a clear picture of exactly how your course is being used and when the peak and off-peak times are. You can then target marketing and pricing towards off peak times.
  • No longer forget to cancel provisional bookings, one report highlights them all.
  • Reduce ‘no shows’ by marking players that have arrived and also highlight those that don’t show.
  • No more double bookings. The system is networked and real-time so no double bookings are possible and the bookings are accurate at all times.
  • No more ambiguity about who was booked, when and by whom. The system records a complete history of all bookings e.g. did we ask a society for a deposit, did we send a confirmation email, have they paid a deposit, who took the booking etc.
  • Save time by sending one confirmation for multiple bookings across multiple days i.e. if a group is playing 2 rounds, seven days apart you can send one confirmation of both bookings.
  • Make the most of your tee times and don’t accidently book someone in the dark. The Sunrise and Sunset of your location is calculated automatically and displayed on each timesheet.
  • No need to be concerned about backups, BRS do this for you.
  • No more concerns about overbooking buggies, the system manages this for you.
  • and many more …

What are the key features?

  • Very easy to use, Reliable and Robust.
  • Supports multiple user levels.
  • Suits all types of clubs including members clubs, to proprietary, pay and play etc.
  • Multiple users (Pro, Admin Staff, Sec/Man) can login from any location, see availability and book at the same time.
  • Tee time intervals are totally flexible; you can have different time intervals on any part of any day i.e. 8 minutes in the morning and 9 minutes in the afternoon etc.
  • Configure and report on all types of single and group Bookings including: Members, Visitors, Societies, Competitions, Teams, Reserved, Tour Operator, a local hotel etc.
  • Course usage graphs provide a picture of exactly how your course is being used. They indicate the peak and off-peak times.
  • Automatically generated booking confirmation (by email and post) and send or print at the click of a button.
  • Define multiple email and letter templates.
  • Over 50 detailed Management Reports including: Projected green fee revenue, compare revenue generated this year compared to last year, calendar of events, list of societies, no shows, etc.
  • Manage Green Fee Rates by time of day and date range.
  • Market your course through the bulk email and SMS (text) tool.
  • Buggy management stops you from over booking buggies along with associated revenue and usage reports.
  • Manage services including buggies, trolleys, caddies, golf clubs etc and their revenue.
  • Manage catering requirements associated with bookings along with a detailed catering report. You could even give your caterer read-only access to run this report from their office or kitchen.
  • Manage payments, outstanding balances, deposits etc.
  • Pair up single players or two balls into one tee time, each with separate confirmation emails, payments, contact details, history, services etc.
  • Complete history of all bookings: The system automatically records who took each booking along with the date and time of the booking operation and what was changed.
  • Mark people as arrived on the day and highlight this on the timesheet.
  • Highlight bookings that have an outstanding balance.
  • Highlight 5 day and 6 day members on the timesheet.
  • Sunrise and Sunset calculated automatically and displayed on each timesheet.
  • Mail merge export for marketing letters.
  • Identify 'No-shows' for competitions and green fees.
  • All software upgrades are installed for you remotely via the Internet by BRS.
  • Add on online booking for Members and Visitors when your club are ready (visit www.brsgolf.com for further information).
  • Integration with other leading suppliers in the market including Club Systems International.
  • and many more …

What do our Customers say?

“We had three diaries running before: the ClubView one, the BRS one and another I used in the office on an Excel spreadsheet. Obviously it was impossible to keep all three in sync, and I wanted to move to just one that all my depart managers (Pro Shop, Catering, Bar, green keeping) and I could see. In addition to this, with BRS, all the members, casual visitors, society organisers, etc have also visibility of tee times and events. Having a single online public Club Diary makes things much better operationally throughout the whole club, and I think it’s probably for me as the Club Manager the single biggest asset of the BRS system as a club management tool.” Ian Walton, General Manager, Hayling Golf Club

"It's a fantastic tool for tee management. I can see immediately my peak times and my slack times, and adjust our green fee rates to encourage visitors to play in the slack periods.' 'The best thing for me as the manager is I now have a clear picture of what's happening on the course, day-to-day, month-to-month. It's reduced the time spent dealing with bookings, phone-calls, and so on. Unlike the old system, every booking's accountable.' Tom Sheridan, General Manager, Old Conna Golf Club