Case Studies

BRS Golf gets top marks from Astbury’s IT industry professional

Many golf clubs and their managers and decision makers will be only too familiar with the challenges of choosing between competing software systems. Each will claim in their presentation to do everything and be better than the others – but as every club manager also knows, once the presentations are over and a system is chosen and installed, whatever the capabilities it’s the quality of the support that makes all the difference to the everyday users.

The BRS Golf online diary and booking system has impressed all of the 540+ club managers that are using it, but what does an IT expert that knows the product, delivery and support standards achieved by the major brand names in IT, make of the BRS system and its support?

Astbury GC

Astbury Golf Club has just installed the BRS booking system and is a club run by a number of the members with little reliance on full time staffing. The club’s administration, for example, is handled by Honorary Secretary Peter Bentley on a two day-a-week basis, and one of its members, Paul Collier, is in charge of the club website and communications. But there’s more to Paul than meets the eye: he’s an IT industry professional and knows his stuff when it comes to evaluating software and software providers.

The club’s main objective in choosing to go with BRS Golf was to move the club into an online environment, thereby facilitating the management of the club as it is run by some of the members on a part time basis. The club also wanted to improve the accessibility of its Open competitions, and for its members to be able see the Club Diary 24/7 wherever and whenever they wanted, a user benefit which only an online system can provide.

The inside line on BRS Golf’s standard of support

We asked Paul Collier as an IT expert to give us his views on BRS Golf to date: “We went live on Monday 14th April. I have been really impressed with the support from the technical guys in Belfast, who have been professional and superb to deal with. They always had time for my questions, were friendly, totally on top of the product capabilities, always did what they said they would do, and best of all gave me no bullshit - just told it like it was.”

“Having spent my working life in this world, I really know how important it is to a business to have a top services and pre-sales team such as these guys. Good job!”

Day to day operation running well

From Paul’s perspective, the BRS system is proving itself to be as good as he was expecting it to be. One of Paul’s concerns was the ability of any company to provide a fault-free online service with full back up, essential in view of the fact that the online booking system now forms a key part of the first experience that many will have of the club: “The service is running well and the upgrade to allow multiple distinct Contacts has been a great help in getting our various competition organisers online for their Opens.”

“The system is supported by an excellent technical Pre-Sales, Services and Support team with both a strong knowledge and willingness to help, and a great customer attitude.”

Sales/Pre Sales Process

For Astbury GC, Paul rated this aspect highly: “This was a good experience for the club’s main users, and working with Sales Manager Bob King who uses the technology for his own club was a great benefit. BRS isn’t highly complex software so it doesn’t need a technical sell - it’s all about allowing the buyer to see the Features and Benefits to their club and to put that into context. BRS do this well and the club was able to understand the product from their perspective.”

A refreshing change

“Honesty in the capabilities provided by the BRS system was a refreshing change. I knew from the start where the snags would be which helped. For example, the availability of guest accounts was useful to the sales process and to find the ‘warts and all’ of the system before we decided to buy it.”

On the issue of costs, again, BRS Golf was open and easy to deal with, as Paul explained: “Pricing discussions were realistic and straightforward.”

Installation and service launch

Paul was particularly impressed with this aspect of the installation: “This was probably the highlight of our experience with BRS Golf. The support and training was great – very much a no nonsense approach to helping us as a golf club.”

“The team was responsive and highly competent, and really helped as we got close to our go live target. Being technical myself it was great to be talking directly to people who understood our need and the capabilities we wanted.”

“We found the customisation and configuration of the BRS system were good although there did seem to be quite a lot of configuration required that needed to be carried out by BRS Golf. But their responsiveness helped this to not cause any problems to us. The Online merchant integration and live introduction went very smoothly.

Live running

We have had very little problem with the online delivery of the service and although we are not running all the features the system provides, we do have eight or nine active staff and administration users – which may make our club slightly unusual compared to the usual back office set up.”

“The end customer experience with online booking has been very good, in terms of the feedback from our own Members, and the booking for Opens etc.”

The BRS Golf product itself

There were plenty more positive comments from Paul: “There’s plenty of favourable points to make to about the BRS system:

  • It has clearly evolved via its customer’s’ needs and is fit for purpose.
  • There are many neat features arising from user feedback requests.
  • The BRS system certainly meets the Club’s administration requirement and end user online experience well
  • The service availability is both reliable and runs at a good speed
  • Allowing multiple and distinct booker details per reservation is a significant improvement
  • Comprehensive Reporting and excellent transaction logging features
  • Good features for showing the integrated Club Diary on the club’s web site.


Paul Collier is the ideal sort of person a golf club needs when so much of the office investment is going to be in IT. Coming on top of many club managers and staff users, his expert comments reinforce what everyone else is saying about BRS Golf, especially when it comes to the support side:“The support and service is good, and provided by a responsive team. This is a major strength of BRS Golf.”

So when your club decides to exploit all the possible advantages of migrating its technology to an online environment, Paul’s comments about BRS Golf’s online diary and booking system are well worth bearing in mind.